Corbyn Construction LTD: Large Construction Contractor is accused of exploiting cheap and illegal labor in UK

Great News !!! Newham Recorder published our story on May 22nd.

Since we published we received more tips from our readers. “Human Trafficking all the way from Albania to Newham” will be published soon !

Corbyn is trying to take our story down !

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Corbyn’s solicitor sent us an email threatening to sue if we do not take this page down. Here is the email:

  Threatening email sent by Corbyn Construction LTD’solicitor

A local firm in Gallions Reach, London, UK is allegedly hiring undocumented immigrant workers with the intention of exploiting their undocumented status for cheap wages and long illegal hours. Corbyn Construction LTD., a Stratford based construction contractor developed and owned by Michael Cusack and his partners opened a restaurant and bar at their property Gallions Hotel. This site is also known for being visited by Enda Kenny, former Taoiseach of Ireland.

Michael Cusack, CEO
Corbyn Construction Ltd
Original photo

The restaurant, named Gallions Grill, opened in Spring of 2017. The owners, Mr. Cusack and Manager Declan Hughes, hired undocumented staff for low wages and forced the employees to work long hours with unpaid wages and inadequate and illegal housing on site.

Most of the staff were from Eastern European countries, such as Czech Republic. Most of these type of workers feel “forced to work” the long hours and exposed to hazardous conditions with no overtime pay with fear of losing any minimal compensation. Corbyn Construction LTD. dodge culpability by paying workers in cash and no verification of employment authorization. The undocumented status leaves these workers vulnerable to employer abuse all while they profit. Examples of abuse would include housing workers on site at Corbyn LTD. in illegal filthy bug ridden warehouses. The site where workers were housed by Corbyn Ltd, would also include dangerous hazards, illegal, and safety concerns. Last year, an employee was mauled by a trained guard dog and was threatened by the management of reporting the incident to authorities.

Declan Hughes ordered Corbyn’s Guard dog to attack an employee for no reason. Mr Hughes has been accused of threatening the mauled employee. He told him if he was going to sue he would get beaten up.
(Drawing of Mr Hughes)
Christophe, the employee mauled by Corbyn’s guard dog feared for his life. He ended up having a 5 artificial discs replacement and has permanent nerve damage. Michael Cusack denied all liability saying that Christophe never worked for him and even told another Corbyn employee laughing at the same time that Christophe got mauled because he did not run fast enough. Read more about this story at:

Workers of Gallions Grill would also regularly ask for their pay slips but the owner, Mr. Cusack would avoid providing them. The impact of exploiting undocumented labor leaves behind a gap that local authorities are not doing enough to police or protect. Unauthorized workers are often timid to speak up of employer abuse and inadequate working conditions with fear of being retaliated against. More needs to be done to bring awareness of companies and owners like Corbyn LTD. so that the public can make decisions to do business with ethical and humane entities. CEO, Michael Cusack is also involved in a case of unreported employment. Corbyn management gives employees a letter of employment but never puts employees on payroll.

Video of the poor conditions Slave Housing (warehouse) provided by Corbyn Construction LTD

CEO, Michael Cusack houses workers in a warehouse with no heat, infested with bed bugs in the middle of Corbyn RC Frame Construction Plan with all the cranes above and guard dogs making this place extremely unsafe and dangerous for workers staying there at night.
As you can see in the video the undocumented worker has the key and code provided by CEO, Michael Cusack and his wife, Marian Durkan.
This place is located right right on the Dockland in Newham right next to Gallions Point Marina Gate 14.
This video was released by an undocumented worker.
(More videos will be posted soon)

Corbyn Construction is currently under investigation with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and The London City Police for a case of modern slavery reported by an employee.

Listen to Corbyn CEO, Michael Cusack trying to cover up the dog bite incident

00:10 Michael Cusack admits the Dog bite happened on Corbyn’site
2:28 Michael Cusack says he wants to be ahead of the Police
2:46 Michael Cusack said “Corbyn failed to control the dog”

CEO, Michael Cusack has been accused of threatening an injured employee mauled by Corbyn’s Guard dog for no reason. Corbyn CEO allegedly told the employee to leave England as fast as possible and asked where he would go next. Michael Cusack was reported of trying to intimidate the employee in his black tinted windows Range Rover by telling him that he did not owe him the worked hours for Corbyn because Cusack provided some filthy housing in a warehouse on Corbyn Construction site in which the employee had to live in for months after a serious dog bite injury with a broken spine. The employee got paid
£600 per month for 90 hours per week with no day off and had to work with a fractured spine. Michael Cusack used some threatening language saying that by leaving the company the employee hurt Cusack’s Kids. Michael Cusack kept repeating ” You did that to my kids ! ” .
Mr Cusack ordered an employee to delete the video of the dog attacking the employee. (Videos and recording will be posted very soon)

Is Corbyn Management hiding something behind Corbyn MODERN SLAVERY Policy ?

Right after we published this article Corbyn added on its website a Modern Slavery Policy aiming to protect the company from bad publicity.

Read our Editorial-Opinion

Alleged Racism, “Slave Labor” and Threats at Corbyn Construction LTD confirmed by former employees

Since publishing “Corbyn Construction LTD: Large Construction Contractor exploits cheap and illegal labor in UK ”,  the author has received several alleged victims that have come forward claiming abuses alleged by Irish owned construction firms in UK, such as Corbyn LTD.  The sources of these messages did not want to be identified in fear of retaliation as some are currently still employed by such construction companies.   It is noted that the claims have not been verified but the messages  were consistent in fear and disgust against the owners of such construction companies named in the “Corbyn Construction LTD: Large Construction Contractor exploits cheap and illegal labor in UK ” article.     Messages from these former and current have trickled in concurring with the opinions of the article.   Alleged former and current employees claim of racismtowards S. Asian, Muslim, and Eastern European workers.  These alleged victims have suspected their wages were routinely shorted and often worked long hours in unsafe conditions without the mandated Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).   There was even some that have suspected  widespread bribery for “pay to work” schemes in construction companies owned by Irish owners, such as Corbyn Construction LTD

Are people willing to allow developing on the backs of modern slave labor for slick flats and modern wharfs, such as the New Union Wharf development?  It is disillusioning to hear the alleged abuses that are occurring in a supposed “modern age of technology and innovation”.  These claims, albeit unverified, are sending smoke signals of the cost of morality for the sake of modernization.  Citizens of nearby communities where these companies develop need to do some self-examination as to the ethical concerns of how they wish to construct a thriving and humane community.    It is time for businesses and consumers to evolve.  Europe is already slipping in it’s ranking for “World’s Worst Countries for Workers” index. In this 2018 index, UK was scored as a “Regular Violations of Rights” which shared the same category as some African countries (Lesotho,  Congo, and Liberia).  

We are living in an age where some Presidents are declaring “Trade Wars” and uncertainties that come with Brexit are problematic for employers and laborers. The realities of Brain Drain is consequence of the declining working conditions in the UK.   If the UK wishes to compete in an age of rapid innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, we need to develop ethical and humane working standards to keep the country’s labor intact.

Corbyn LTD Management accused of CYBERCRIME

Corbyn Contruction LTD, has recently been accused by a former employee of attempt to illegally access his private internet accounts.  The former employee, was critically hurt on the company’s site, has been very vocal about the Company’s negligence on social media about the negligence of the Corbyn Construction.  In retaliation, the former employee had receive notices of illegal attempt to access his email accounts.  Only associates of Corbyn Construction know the email addresses of these accounts since the accounts were created to communicate with the company.  The former employee has also been working with crime authorities to conduct  investigation into the illegal access.

The former employee is not at all surprised by these type of methods by his former employer as he saw first hand how the unethical management and owners operated.

Read more about Corbyn Construction LTD:

A 38-year-old man mauled by Guard Dog Neglected by CORBYN CONSTRUCTION LTD Employers

CORBYN CONSTRUCTION LTD. Utilizes “MOB-LIKE” Management to Run Company in East London

Corbyn Construction LTD is located at:

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If you work(ed) for CORBYN LTD or for other construction companies and you have been a victim of modern slavery, racism or were hurt physically/financially please contact us. We will not disclose your identity.

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